Learning Management System

Learning management system is a software that takes learning to another level. The software helps to plan and implement learning. It also make the process of assessing the results of the learning process a lot easier. What the software basically does, is to give the instructor the chance to create learning content, deliver it to the students instantly and keep track of the whole process. It is also a platform for the students to have discussions through its interactive features. The software has been of great use to companies who support continuing education for employees.

The software is not been used in the more traditional education institutions and forums, but it can also been used to transform the normal classroom. Different systems have different features associated with them and so there isn’t a standard really. The following are some features available in most learning management systems.

• It allows for the creation of class rosters and easy management of students’ registration.

• It allows users to upload learning content.

• It allows students to interact through email or discussion forums.

• It allows for assessment of students’ performance through short quizzes.

For the corporate world, the system usually has some added features like enrolling staff for courses automatically, and features that allow it to be used for human resource management purposes, like assessing the performance of the employees.

Advantages of LMS

Anywhere anytime

All the material required is easily uploaded. This allows the learners to access it any time they want, provided they have internet connection.

Time saving

As opposed to the traditional method of training, which requires a lot of resources and organization, the system is lot more flexible, working around the convenience of all the learners. Traditional training events could waste a lot of time going to actual classrooms.

Save money

No money is wasted in building actual classrooms or in administrative costs. Everything is available online and is also re-usable.

The future for LMS is bright. With the current trends in business and technology favoring such web based applications, that allow more interaction and enable creation of more content, the sky is definitely the limit for learning management software.

More interactions

The system allows for more interactions between the instructors and the students and among the students themselves. This is achieved through text, video and discussion forums.

Easy to update and customize.

The system allows for constant addition of relevant material and updating of information. This can be done automatically, without going through a lot of hustle and wasting a lot of time.

Making money

The model allows instructors to make money online. This is through selling of their content to interested buyers on a platform that is easily manageable.